Our Mission

Our Mission

We are is focused on the preservation, protection and sustainability of our environment for generations to come. We are devoted to providing government agencies, landowners and business partners our guaranteed reputation of professionalism, efficiency and best-value land management solutions while instilling pride, passion.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We were founded on the heritage and traditions of Nigeria. With that as our guide for a simple beginning, we have developed a set of deeply held beliefs as a company that guide and govern our behaviors and interactions with others. Quality performance, hard work, dedication, loyalty, and teamwork serve as its cornerstone. We pride in our vision.

Our Values

Our Values

BIO HOMMES LIMITED dedicated employees “ride for the brand”. We understand that success is not dictated by a single person within the company, but the collective, collaborative efforts of a team driven by a common sense of purpose and direction. Integrity, Trust, Respect, Accountability, Commitment, Teamwork, Quality, Diversity.

About Us With more than 15 years of leading experience

Bio Hommes Limited uses industry best practices to efficiently handle your environmental improvement needs.

Our company was founded in 2008 – We are committed to the management, health and restoration of Nigerian environment and West Africa by providing the most sustainable solutions for your land/environmental management.

Your Trusted Construction Partner

The quality of our expertise reflects in our work

Our Services Quality Services


The Company’s transportation division is continuously expanding to keep up with the growing demands of the organization.

Architectural Consultancy

Bio Hommes Limited approaches each project and client relationship with a focus on delivering construction excellence and service distinction, since each design and engineering project is never the same.

Tree Planting and Reforestation

Tomorrow’s timber stands will grow from seedlings planted today-provided they’re planted with care.

Tree Planting and Reforestation

Tomorrow’s timber stands will grow from seedlings planted today-provided they’re planted with care.


During the preconstruction phase, our primary focus revolves around looking for possibilities to improve quality, expedite schedules and optimize costs.

Building and Construction

Bio Hommes Limited excels in providing cost-effective pre-construction services to value oriented clients.

SUSTAINABILITY Committed to keeping the economy and its people going

This commitment also extends to ensuring that our operations do not place the local community or environment at risk of injury, illness or damage.

We are the best in the field

We are committed to encouraging consultation and co-operation between management and employees and will formally involve elected employee health and safety representatives in any workplace change or any matters that may affect the health and safety of employees in any workplace.


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