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Pre-Commercial Thinning

Thinning is an important timber management tool. Pre-Commercial Thinning is the process of thinning overstocked plantations removing unwanted hardwoods and less desirable trees. By selectively removing trees in an immature stand this effective redistributes the total growth of the stand to fewer trees of a higher quality and value. A well-planned thinning program can enhance both the timber value of a forest stand and non-timber values such as wildlife or recreation. The pre-commercial thinning process isn’t taken lightly. It is a decision that affects the value of the forest stand in years to come

For this reason, Bio Hommes Limited, crew members have a thorough understanding of the basic growth processes of forest stands. Our cutters know how to assess the effects of various thinning regimens on the growth and yield of the stand. Their knowledge and experience allow them to make these critical stand management decisions with confidence.